Welcome to Sandalwood Spa

For more than 4,000 years, the sweet, balsamic incense of sandalwood has been revered for its soothing qualities. Its exotic scent calms and restores, creating a perfect atmosphere for relaxation and meditation.

Those same qualities are the inspiration for the Sandalwood Spa at Trilogy Monarch Dunes. The spa is a tranquil place, providing treatments that restore balance into people's lives.

The Sandalwood Spa has an Asian fusion feel, capturing elements of nature with stone, glass and tile. Colors are subtle earth tones. Chocolate browns blend with pale greens, mimicking the surrounding forest environs. An eclectic mix of artwork features local painters, photographers and sculptors.

Water is an important element adding to the ambiance, including a beautiful outdoor hot tub. A spectacular indoor water feature sends a stream of water flowing under a glass floor connecting two "tranquility" lounges at the entrance to treatment rooms. There's even a Zen garden. All are lovely spots for a cup of tea before or after a treatment.

The Sandalwood Spa is just one of many amenities enjoyed by guests and residents of the Trilogy Monarch Dunes community in Nipomo, (Central Coast) California. Learn more about the other amenities by visiting them online: